Company history

Iisveden Metsä Oy was founded by local forest owners in 1924. The aim was to create industrial use for the timber growing in local forests. Today, 90 years after its founding, the ownership and basic values of the company remain the same. We still create wellbeing and prosperity to our local community and for the neighboring areas. Iisveden is one of the oldest sawmills in Finland still running under the same ownership and under its original name.

Our production technology has developed remarkably during the last decades. An investment program started in the 1990’s has kept the machinery up to date and has guaranteed the competitiveness of our production.Our annual production has tripled during these years. However, our basic principles have not changed: we process high-quality spruce for demanding end uses. Our customer relations are long-lasting and tight. We will always act in a responsible and dependable manner, be it raw material procurement, production of sawn timber or shipping of ready material – just like we have done for the past 90 years.